5 Ways Damages Are Calculated After A Car Accident

After you have been in a serious car accident, you are going to want to make sure you are properly compensated. When it comes to being paid, there are specific types of damages you can pursue through your car insurance company or through a personal injury lawsuit against your insurance company and/or the other driver involved in the accident. #1 Property Damage With a vehicle accident, the property damage is usually contained to the damage done to your vehicle. Read More 

Are There Differences Between Theft Crimes, Burglary And Robbery?

You might be facing charges due to taking items that don't belong to you, or perhaps a loved one is being charged with burglary. You might wonder if there is a difference between the words theft, robbery, and burglary or if these words are just used interchangeably. Are there actual differences between theft, burglary, and robbery? Yes, there are differences, and it depends on how the crime was committed. Theft Crimes Read More 

Plea Arrangements And DUI Charges – 4 Things To Consider Before Making One

With the intensifying of DUI laws over the last few years, staying out of jail can be your primary objective if you are charged with this offense. While many state laws have a mandatory period of time you must serve - if found guilty - there are options available to the judge.  These options can be prearranged in a plea agreement. The challenge for you and your attorney will be to convince the " Read More 

Before You Hit The Road: Drinking And Driving Laws That Can Trip You Up

Drinking and driving laws vary greatly from state to state, but the legislation is increasingly tough on offenders. Even if you aren't actually drinking and driving, you can end up running afoul of the DUI laws in other ways. These are some important facts you need to know before you get on the road. You can get into trouble for allowing your passengers to drink while you drive. If you're the designated driver on party night, you need to make sure that you know the laws in your state about open container laws when it comes to moving vehicles. Read More 

What Can You Do For Your Relative As They Wait For Their Trial To Start?

You might not have ever thought that a relative would be facing a criminal trial, but if that has happened, you might be unsure of what you could be doing to make the situation better. If you've recently arranged bail for your relative, the following things could be helpful. Discuss Different Outcomes While everyone in your family hopes your relative will be found not guilty, their conviction is still a possibility. Read More