The Reasons Your Innocent Incarcerated Loved One Needs An Appellate Attorney

If you have a loved one that is sitting behind bars because of a poorly conducted trial, you may be considering an appeal to a higher court. You should know that you will need the professional guidance and services of an appellate attorney if you want to win an appeal to a higher court. Check out some of the reasons your incarcerated loved will need an experienced appellate attorney for gaining his or her freedom.

Preserving The Record When it Comes To Evidence

If your trial attorney did not object during a trial about important evidence being dismissed or not being brought to the forefront of the trial, it will be ignored during an appeals court trial. An appellate attorney will have the experience to know what objections need to be preserved and which ones do not matter. An appellate attorney has experience in appeals court and they know what judges expect from the attorneys representing both parties when it comes to preserving the record surrounding vital evidence. Your appellate attorney will know whether or not the evidence that was dismissed in earlier trials will need to be addressed and re-evaluated.

Complex, Confusing Cases Require An Eye For Detail And Pertinent Information

While some criminal cases are cut and dried because the evidence is indisputable and simple to see, some other cases are confounding and complex. If your loved one had a new public defender, he or she may have not had the experience necessary to see vital details that could have swayed the jury to your loved one's side. If your loved one gets an appeal trial, having an attorney that is well-versed in finding the facts that will show the judge your loved one's innocence is absolutely vital for him or her to walk away free. The research skills of an experienced appellate attorney are one of the greatest reasons you should hire one if your loved one been wrongly jailed. Your loved one's appellate attorney will find details and facts in court documents and transcripts you or other law professionals may have overlooked.

Knowing that someone you love is in jail even though that person has committed no crime is a disconcerting and frustrating feeling. If you are ready to fight to get your loved out of jail and to clear his or her name, your first step for doing so is discussing the case with a qualified appellate attorney. For more information, visit websites like