3 Things That Indicate You Should Contact An Assault Lawyer Immediately

An assault charge is a serious offense that can have long-term consequences. You might be facing jail time, a hefty fine, or both if sentenced. Although you can represent yourself in court, you risk losing your lawsuit if you lack legal experience. This is why it's crucial to have a skilled assault lawyer on your side. They understand the justice system and will ensure you get the best outcome. Here are three things that indicate you should contact a lawyer immediately:

A Previous Conviction

Past criminal records can work against you in many ways. It doesn't matter if it was for a minor offense. Prosecutors can use these records to argue that you are more likely to commit another crime and convince the jury to give you a longer sentence.

If you have been sentenced before, it is essential to disclose this to an attorney. This way, they'll prevent the court from questioning you about your past and keep your record from being used against you. They'll also prove you have a noble character to the jury through witnesses.

Accused By a Close Family Member

In most instances, assault cases occur between couples, family, or friends. A jury can bring this up at trial and cite that you and the victim have bad blood between you, especially if you've been arguing, fighting, or name-calling in the past. This could portray you as an aggressor even if the assault wasn't premeditated. A lawyer can combat this line of thought by showing that the attack wasn't deliberate. They'll also bring up facts that show you didn't start the altercation and only fought back in self-defense.

Difficult to Handle Pressure

Handling an assault case can be overwhelming because it involves a lot of research, paperwork, and disclosing information in court. The prosecution can have the upper hand if they discover you don't understand the law, what to say, and when to say it. Attorneys are well-versed in assault regulations and can properly investigate your case. On top of that, they'll guide you through every step of the way and assist you with the paperwork, meeting deadlines, and adhering to court procedures. This will increase the chances of your charges getting dropped.

If you're facing assault charges, it is vital to seek legal assistance as soon as you can. An attorney will help you navigate the justice system, defend your rights, and fight to get you a better result. Contact a lawyer today if you want to reduce worries about your case. 

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