Essential Facts Your Attorney Wants You To Know About Second Degree Murders

After the police arrest you for suspected second-degree murder, the measures you take are essential in creating a solid defense. Consulting a criminal defense attorney is vital at this point. In such a case, your attorney will develop arguments and strategies to convince the judge of your innocence and compel them to drop your charges. In addition, they will advise you on what to do and say in court to avoid implicating yourself. Here is more about a second-degree murder case. Read on.

Law Enforcers Shouldn't Force You to Provide Information

Officers can use different strategies to collect information from suspects. However, they shouldn't force you to do so. They have a right to ask for your name and address, which are captured on your driver's license. But if they ask you other questions, you may opt not to respond. Consult your lawyer in this instance. They will advise you on how to respond to the officer to avoid providing incriminating information.

Law Enforcement May Use Different Excuses to Justify Your Arrest

The law enforcers must have a valid reason to arrest you for murder. As such, they will use all possible means to justify why they arrested you for the crime. For instance, they could argue that your failure to answer some questions means you're guilty. In that regard, they will claim that you avoided the questions for fear of sharing incriminating information. In addition, they may take your refusal to cooperate during the arrest as an admission of guilt. Your lawyer's input is crucial when such allegations are leveled against you. They will challenge such allegations by providing the court with supporting evidence. 

You Should Only Share Sensitive Information with Your Attorney

When faced with second-degree murder charges, you could share some details with friends and family members in a bid to seek consolation. Unfortunately, this could be detrimental since the information might leak to the police. But your lawyer will uphold any delicate information with the utmost confidentiality. Therefore, you should only share sensitive information with your legal advisor. Also, avoid sharing the case details on social media platforms. Remember that the police could be prying on you to gather all the information they require to support their claim. 

What you do when officers arrest you on suspicion of murder is vital. It can make the difference between facing years behind bars and getting a more lenient judgment in court. The fundamental step in this situation is to hire a criminal defense lawyer. Through their legal expertise, they will fight for you in the best way possible.

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