Plea Arrangements And DUI Charges – 4 Things To Consider Before Making One

With the intensifying of DUI laws over the last few years, staying out of jail can be your primary objective if you are charged with this offense. While many state laws have a mandatory period of time you must serve - if found guilty - there are options available to the judge.  These options can be prearranged in a plea agreement. The challenge for you and your attorney will be to convince the " Read More 

Before You Hit The Road: Drinking And Driving Laws That Can Trip You Up

Drinking and driving laws vary greatly from state to state, but the legislation is increasingly tough on offenders. Even if you aren't actually drinking and driving, you can end up running afoul of the DUI laws in other ways. These are some important facts you need to know before you get on the road. You can get into trouble for allowing your passengers to drink while you drive. If you're the designated driver on party night, you need to make sure that you know the laws in your state about open container laws when it comes to moving vehicles. Read More 

What Can You Do For Your Relative As They Wait For Their Trial To Start?

You might not have ever thought that a relative would be facing a criminal trial, but if that has happened, you might be unsure of what you could be doing to make the situation better. If you've recently arranged bail for your relative, the following things could be helpful. Discuss Different Outcomes While everyone in your family hopes your relative will be found not guilty, their conviction is still a possibility. Read More 

The Reasons Your Innocent Incarcerated Loved One Needs An Appellate Attorney

If you have a loved one that is sitting behind bars because of a poorly conducted trial, you may be considering an appeal to a higher court. You should know that you will need the professional guidance and services of an appellate attorney if you want to win an appeal to a higher court. Check out some of the reasons your incarcerated loved will need an experienced appellate attorney for gaining his or her freedom. Read More 

Four Tips To Ensure A Safe Night Out

If you are planning a night out with friends, you may decide to have a few alcoholic drinks. Maintain a high level of safety without skimping on the fun by following these recommendations. 1. Eat Before You Go Out Before heading out for drinks, imbibe in a delicious meal. Make sure it includes a mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Having a full stomach causes the alcohol to be absorbed by your body at a slower rate. Read More